Affordable Housing

The Florida League of Cities is launching a new campaign for affordable housing.

League President Rene Flowers says they’re creating an “Institute for Community Housing” that will help local governments address the shortage of cheap living space.

“Affordable housing is one of the most important challenges in Florida today. A large segment of our population can no longer afford to live in the very cities where they work, exerting pressure on our residents and our cities. This creates shortages in our workforce and a loss of economic vitality.”

Michael Davis with the Florida Housing Coalition says the lack of affordable homes and apartments has reached the crisis stage in the Sunshine State.

“There’s not a single community in Florida where a single parent making minimum wage can afford a two bedroom apartment at that fair market rate in that community, not one. Likewise, there are many two-income families, households, who cannot afford a decent, safe, affordable home.”

The newly created Institute for Community Housing will offer a series of seminars so city and county officials can tap into the latest federal housing programs and figure out what sort of housing initiatives are working in other parts of the country.

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