$20 Million Airport Grant

As we get closer to breaking ground on the new airport here in Bay County, more money is coming in, but with a catch.

The debate has been long going, but the Bay County Airport will be moving to West Bay.

Construction starts on the new airport in March or April of next year. Airport Director Randy Curtis says it will take about two and half years to complete the new airport.

The land they have acquired in West Bay is twice the size of the current airport. The terminal will also be larger. The current terminal is 60,000 square feet, and the new one is slated to be 100,000 square feet.

The price will not be cheap, and Tuesday the board agreed to accept a large donation, on the order of $20 million. It’s essentially a Florida Department of Transportation grant. It's one of the many grants for the project itself. This one commits $20 million towards the construction once we reach that point in time.

The money will not be given all at once and the $20 million will not actually be given until after construction starts. Then it will be divided up into $10 million for the first two fiscal years.