Teens Get Probation for Putting Bombs in Mailboxes

Five former students from a Pensacola high school will spend three years on probation for their involvement in homemade bombs found in mailboxes.

The former Woodham High School students pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal mischief.

They are Michael Cavener, Jason Lautier, Michael Steen, Noah Fielding, all 17, and 14-year-old Taylor Condon.

The teens also must complete 100 hours of community service and write letters of apology to the victims.

Authorities say the teens planted the bombs in three mailboxes in August. No one was injured.

One of the victims was longtime Woodham basketball coach Benny Washington.

An attorney for one of the teens says the boys didn't intend to injure anyone and only wanted to watch the bombs explode.