Martin Lee Anderson’s Family Is Angry Over Lack of Action

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The family of a teen who died last January after being admitted to the now-defunct Bay County Boot Camp says they’ve waited way too long for justice in the case.

Martin Lee Anderson’s parents say Jeb Bush made a commitment to them that he would see the case through, but the parents are worried the case has been back-burnered until after the election and then they’ll have to start all over again.

Fourteen-year-old Martin Lee Anderson died a day after he was admitted to the now-closed Bay County Boot Camp nearly 10 months ago, but even after an independent autopsy, at least two police investigations and the assignment by Jeb Bush of a special prosecutor, no one’s been charged.

Martin’s parents called a news conference to publicly ask the governor why this case is taking so much longer than others.

“I come here today personally to ask the governor, if that was his son he seen on the video, would he have faith in the system after 10 months?”

The family and their attorneys worry nothing will be done until after the election. Special Prosecutor Mark Ober’s office told them it would be at least another six weeks, and they fear they’ll have to start the process all over again with a brand-new governor.

“The people of the state of Florida should be outraged, because let’s face it, November 7, it’s a turning point.”

Martin Lee Anderson’s parents have been trying to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the governor, but were told his schedule was booked all day. Jeb Bush did say last week that he also wants the investigation wrapped up. I hope so, I hope it will be, but Mr. Ober isn’t saying when it will be complete, so it’s been very frustrating.”

It’s much more than frustrating for Martin’s family, who are struggling to maintain faith in the system.