Jackson County School Board Plans to Eliminate 60 Positions for 2009-2010 Year

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Jackson County School officials are facing the same money shortages as every other district in the state because of state budget cuts.

As a result, the School Board says it will have to cut about 60-positions for the upcoming school year.

But Board members say the district is in better shape than some of it's neighbors.

The Jackson County School Board will be eliminating approximately 60 jobs for the 2009-2010 school year.

Deputy Superintendent Larry Moore says it's not such a shock.

"Basically, our staffing numbers, we're pretty much back to where we were in the 07-08 school year," he says.

About 27 of the positions have been vacant since November and will not be filled.

The majority of the cuts will affect annual contract employees and will be based on school enrollment numbers.

But Moore emphasizes they are not planning to cut any programs.

"The class size reduction requirement only applies to the core academic courses."

Districts are also looking at operating cost reductions, like bussing students.

A new full size, air conditioned bus will cost roughly 100-thousand dollars.

"Almost 5500 miles a day on average, that's equivalent to a trip from Tallahassee to Seattle, Washington and back every day."

Despite the cuts, Moore says Jackson County is one of the more fortunate school districts, and has not had to dip into reserve funds.

"We have maintained a very efficient staffing plan. I think that number 1, that is why Jackson County is in a good financial condition given the economic conditions that we're in."

But Moore says the ultimate goal has been cutting costs without cutting the students' quality of education.

The school board must notify all annual contract employees by May 1st, if they are no longer needed.

Support staff must be notified by May 15th.

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