Local High School Selected as Best Student Newscast in the Nation

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Some folks work hard so they can reap what they sow, and last year's crew from the Mosley High School daily news magazine show, DTV-PM, has done just that.

They've been selected as the number one high school newscast in the country by Channel One News.

Ray Wishart, an instructor, said, "Channel One is the number one rated teen television program in the nation, and to be selected by them is quite an honor. It says a lot to the dedication of my students."

"They've put a lot of effort into making this an extremely professional, extremely classy show, but also an entertaining news magazine that we can get students to watch here in a captive audience."

Channel One News' newscasts are shown in more than 11,000 high schools and junior highs across the U.S., and Wishart says more than 2,000 schools submitted their newscast to the contest.

So how did a small-town high school beat out the rest of the competition? One former student sums it up in a word.

Jonathan Warren said, "Teamwork. Everybody working together. We're like one big family."

"They don't accept mistakes. They'll go back and re-shoot until it gets right."

Students say they are humbled by the award.

Robert Hill, a Mosely junior, said, "I just started screaming, and the whole class was excited, so it feels good."

"I'm extremely proud of them. I'm glad they got the recognition that's due."

Mosley High School's dolphin television program was previously selected as a bureau school for Channel One. It’s also had a feature broadcast and contributed to several other stories.