SWAT Drug Raid

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A St. Andrews neighborhood is a little bit safer after the Panama City Police Department SWAT Team tried cleaning up an area rumored to have drug traffic.

Around 4:00 Friday afternoon, officers raided two houses at 1515 Fortune Avenue and 1716 West 16th Street.

Officers say no one was home at the Fortune Avenue home, but there were two men sitting out front of the 16th Avenue house.

Derrick Bale and Lonny Roy Moore were both arrested for warrants and having cocaine on them and inside. Officers say it was as if they were selling the drugs from the house. Investigators also found a nine millimeter handgun and four young children.

Lt. Robert Colbert with PCPD said, "At the time of the search there were four juvenile children under the age of 11. Two of those children were found to be the children of the individuals being arrested today. Two of the other kids were visiting and playing."

The two neighboring kids were released to their parents. The children of the suspect were given to child services under temporary protective custody.