Show 'N Tail Update

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It looks as though the former topless bar "Show 'N Tail" is nearing its expiration date.

The gentleman's club caught fire last June and since then the building has been left looking an eyesore and being a safety hazard.

The county has sent club owner Allan Johnson a demolition notice, saying he must take steps to clean up his business or the county will knock it down November 7.

The club is still being investigated by request of Johnson because he feels the fire might not be accidental. Johnson says that's why he hasn't already started cleaning up.

The demolition notice was sent out last Friday. Johnson has until the 16th to appeal this notice, but he hasn't as of yet.

Not only do neighbors say it's an eye sore, they're also concerned about safety.

Rick Rikoski, who lives behind the club, said, "It's kind of an eye sore and it's also probably a public hazard. Kids can get in there and play. It's not blocked off at all."

Wayne Porter, building trade investigator, added, "At this time I believe it's either it needs to come down or the county will make the necessary steps to take it down."

The county says Johnson could buy himself time for his investigation if he were to put up a fence.