Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly

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Florida Highway Patrol investigators say Montgomery and his girlfriend, Tonya Mullins, were having a heated argument around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. That's when Montgomery left the house and got in his Ford truck, but authorities say he didn't get far before the tragic incident took place.

When Chris Montgomery left his Laird Street house around 11:45 Sunday night, his live-in girlfriend, Tonya Mullins, followed after him.

Montgomery got into his truck and tried to drive away. Apparently Mullins latched onto the left side-view mirror.

As Montgomery drove off, Mullins lost her grip and fell beneath the car. The wheels ran over the left side of her body, causing fatal injuries.

Panama City Beach and Bay County sheriff's deputies responded, and then the case was handed over to state troopers. No charges or arrests have been made.

Lt. Joe Tucker of the Florida Highway Patrol said, "The investigation is still going on, but the evidence will tell what charges to make. If there was alcohol involved, it could be manslaughter or vehicle homicide. It depends on the circumstance, but we're not looking at that yet; it's still under investigation."

Investigators are still waiting on blood alcohol tests to come back from both the driver and the victim. They say they're also analyzing fingerprints and what appear to be fist marks on Montgomery's car, apparently caused by Mullins. Then they'll determine whether or not to file charges.