Airport Land Bids Reviewed

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The board found out Monday there is some room for negotiation, and with construction costs rising, that may be exactly what the board needs to hear.

Airport board members were informed Monday morning that in the last month construction costs for the new airport project have jumped by $13 million, bringing the grand total to a little over $130 million.

During Monday’s meeting the board nominated vice-chairman Bill Cramer to enter negotiations with the top bidders to secure an even better sale price for the property, and with rising construction costs, the board was pleased to hear that the bidders were willing to negotiate, in some cases paying more than the highest bid.

The sale of the property is very important. The revenue from the sale will be used to fund part of the cost of the new airport in Westbay.

"The bottom line is we're going to be with in our means. Even if that means we have to redesign, we'll have to live within our budget."

The board heard briefly from each of the three top bidders Monday. The lowest bidder, Ashworth Development, was not in attendance.

Because Ashworth has shown little interest in negotiating with the board, members voted to let Ashworth pull their bid without penalty. The board plans to name the winning bidder by mid-December.