Jim Davis Visits Panhandle

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We're just two weeks away from election day and candidates are picking up the pace of their campaigns.

The Democratic nominee for the governor's job stopped in Panama City Tuesday. He sat down with supporters at Panama Cafe to discuss his plans for Florida and to overcome a little negative publicity.

Jim Davis has been accused of ignoring the panhandle.

What would it say about your team if a player switched jerseys in the fourth quarter? Some Floridians are asking that question now about Democrat Jim Davis' campaign for governor.

One of his staff recently resigned and started working for Republican Charlie Crist's campaign.

Todd McWaters says he's tired of being treated as an afterthought just because he lives in the panhandle. McWaters claims the Davis campaign showed him a color coded map, showing the important and less important counties. The panhandle wasn't considered important.

Jim Davis said, "We're running a different kind of campaign. We are heavily targeting independent voters and people that normally don't vote that are very hungry for change this year."

He assured local supporters his thoughts are with northwest Florida.

"I've made many, many trips here. My wife will be up here in a few days. Again, we have family up here and we are campaigning vigorously."

A Davis campaign spokesman says McWaters only worked for the Davis campaign for a few weeks and before he resigned he told the candidate's staff he was quitting because there was an illness in the family.

Another issue looming over the governor's race is Republican Charlie Crist's reluctance in participating in the planned October 30 debate. The debate is scheduled to take place in Tampa and be televised live by Florida's NBC stations, but Charlie Crist says he has reservations about the NBC debate format.

Jim Davis said, "Floridians are entitled to a debate. We need a strong governor with a vision that brings us together."

Crist and Davis have already agreed to participate in an October 24 debate at a south Florida college using the traditional format.

Both candidates had until 4:00 to commit, and even though Crist was hesitant it's official Davis and Crist will go head-to-head Monday, October 30t at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.