High School #2 in Florida

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Okaloosa-Walton College Collegiate High School operates a lot differently from most public high schools, but it has made them the second best high school in the state according to Florida's Department of Education.

The school is small with only about 250 students from all over Okaloosa County and beyond, but what's most special about the school is that junior and seniors take most of the classes with college students.

The school is located on Okaloosa-Walton College's campus in Niceville.

Juniors and seniors can pick almost any course from the colleges catalog and enroll.

About 90 percent of the students will finish their Associates Degrees by the time they finish their high school requirements. The school doesn't have many extra curriculars, but most of the students here say they don't mind that.

If they want to participate in sports, they join teams at schools near their home, and even though they spend much of their time with college students they still get to know each other.

The school accepts students in 10th through 12th grade; 98% will graduate.