Chipley Officials Crack Down on 911 Addresses

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If you don't have the proper address displayed on the front of your home or business you might have to pay for it.

Chipley city officials say nearly 25 percent of homes and businesses in the area don't have a 911 address on display, which makes it harder for them to respond in an emergency situation.

City ordinances dictate 911 addresses should be located on the front of your home, not just on the mailbox.

The numbers should be at least three or four inches high so emergency personnel can see them from the street.

If they can't, you could receive a citation and a $50 dollar fine.

For everyday you are late, you could face an additional $50-dollar-a-day fine. Those fines could be as much as $500 dollars.

However, with the holiday’s right around the corner, Chipley Code Enforcement Officer Jim Lassiter says it's important to get the situation fixed now. "This is the time of year, more people have accidents, and there are more possibilities of fires. We have the Thanksgiving season, Christmas season, and New Years. These are critical points in time for our staff to be able to get to a subject area as quickly as possible. These numbers will allow that to happen," he explained.

If you do not respond to a citation you could be asked to appear in court.

Anyone who willfully refuses to sign and accept a citation could be guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor.