Bay County Denies Rate Hike

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Sandy Creek utility customers have experienced problems with their system for more than a decade, so the idea of paying even more money for service came as a shock.

An attorney for Sandy Creek told commissioners the utility wants to be compensated for the increased operating costs they've incurring during the county's pending rate case.

Sandy Creek's interim rate request would raise an average household’s monthly bill for sewer and water from about $67 a month, to $202 a month. That's about 300 percent more.

When county staff reported Sandy Creek was not willing to disclose the formula or calculations used to come up with the rate increase, commissioners denied the request. That was good news to several Sandy Creek customers who came to speak their mind.

"We pay over $80 per month for this service, which is terrible. We don't wash cars. We don't water plants. We don't drink the water. The only thing it saves us on is Clorox, because we can bleach our clothes with the water, you turn on the faucet, it smells like Clorox."

The last time Sandy Creek customers saw a rate hike was in 1991. Even so, many customers say they're still paying too much for a poorly operated utility service.