Small Twister Tears Through Bayou George

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Residents who live off County Road 2301 say they heard what sounded like loud freight trains outside at about 5:30 Saturday morning.

Many homes lost power, but fortunately there wasn't much structural damage, just a lot of trees uprooted and knocked down.

A National Weather Service technician was on the scene conducting a storm survey. He says tornados in our area are not unusual and the type of tornado folks saw Satruday is typical of a Florida twister.

Jim Bolden with the National Weather Service said, "Judging by what I've seen it does look like there was probably a small, what we would classify, as a F-0 tornado, which are wind speeds of around 72 miles per hour, which can do significant damage, a lot of trees down, which is what we're seeing here."

Kevin Wood, a Bayou George resident, added, "Part of my neighbor’s shed was up in my tree, some of the aluminum, there's a Jimmy Patronis sign up in one of my trees. I've got damage to a fence. I've got a bathtub that was picked up and hurled about 200 feet. It's right up here on the edge of the road, and it was horrifying."

The National Weather Service didn't put out any tornado warnings in Bay County Saturday morning.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported a water spout in the West Bay area just hours after the small Bayou George twister hit. So far, no damage from the water spout has been reported.