Junior Service League Clothing Underprivileged Children

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The Mosley High School varsity cheerleading squad had reason to cheer Monday morning at the Panama City Mall. They were entertaining some local elementary students and helping them shop for new clothes.

Lauren Williams, a Mosley H.S. cheerleader, said, "This is just a great opportunity for all of us and it just helps us interact with all the different kids."

The event, known as the Child Service Center, is one of the Junior Service League's signature community outreach programs to help less fortunate children.

"It's our biggest event that we do," Julie Glendinning said.

The free clothing giveaway is funded by the proceeds of last year's Holly Fair, which is the Gulf Coast's premier holiday season shopping event. It's also the Junior Service League's largest fundraising activity.

Julie Glendinning of the Junior Service League added, "Every time someone goes to Holly Fair, the money they spend there to get into the shopping event goes to clothe our kids here in Bay County."

The success of Holly Fair provided more than $65,000 to help clothe more than 600 Bay County children.

Nathalie Murray, a Mosley H.S. cheerleader, said, "Some of the kids come to school and them being less fortunate, it makes them feel not within the crowd, so when they come here and get new things and it doesn't have holes and it's not stained, so it makes them feel better about themselves and their self esteem. It gives them hope."

The 18th Annual Panama City Beach Holly Fair will be held on November 9th through the 12th at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach. For more information on the Holly Fair, contact the Junior Service League at 785-7870 and online at www.jslpanamacity.org