Governor’s Race Tightening Up

A new poll by Quinnipiac University shows the Florida governor’s race in a dead heat.

Democrat Jim Davis has closed an 11-point gap with Republican Charlie Crist, primarily by finally getting on television.

Statistics show before Davis began airing 15 second ads, 57 percent of likely voters did not know who he was or what he stood for. After the ads, only 23 percent say they don’t know who Davis is.

Pollster Peter Brown credits the TV ads for the shift, plus a worsening attitude toward Republicans in general.

“There’s been no major event, to my knowledge in the last two weeks, in this race. But it is quite possible that the questions and the problems Republicans are having nationally are beginning to show here.”

Brown went on to say, “In other words, you’ve got races all over the country where polls are showing Democratic candidates are doing better and that there are increasing questions about Republicans’ control of Congress, and it may well be filtering down to this state race. “

Davis’ numbers haven’t gone up appreciably; Crist’s have gone down. They haven’t gone to Davis; they have gone to uncommitted and undecided.

The pollster told reporters, “They focus late, and that combined with the fact Davis is now on TV and there’s an external force going on, which is the Democratic wave of indeterminate proportions at this stage, has served to make this a much closer race than it was two weeks ago.”

Davis is doing better among likely women voters, leading Charlie Crist 54-38, while men prefer Crist 56-34.