Red Ribbon Week Kicks Off

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Mrs. Reitmeyer's first grade class knows the importance of staying away from drugs.

"Because you can grow up and have strong bones and won't tell lies, and you'll be responsible."

Monday morning students filed into the school’s courtyard for a Red Ribbon Week kickoff ceremony.

"Today is the first day of Red Ribbon Week where we celebrate the fact that we are 100 percent drug free, and today is the day we plant the promise to remain drug free."

Each student took a shovel and a tulip bulb, and planted a red flower around the trees.

"It makes a good point to children that so should they grow doing good things to maintain a drug free life."

This is just one of many events taking place all week in Bay County schools.

"Door decorating contests, students write essays about why they're making choices they are and they’re often from their heart about people in their families that they have been affected by substance abuse."

The school district emphasizes drug prevention year round, but this week gives students a chance to get excited and participate in anti-drug events.

Monday students at some other Bay County schools wore their favorite sports jerseys. The theme was "team up against drugs."

Later this week some high schools will get to relax the dress code and untuck their shirts for the cause. Their theme is "relax, just don't do drugs."