Tough Prison Sentence

A man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the road rage shooting of 12-year old girl near Marianna in January.

Edil Carror, 62, of Okaloosa County, was convicted on October 5 after a two-day trial for a January 20, 2006 incident which escalated to the shooting of the girl as she sat in a vehicle.

Carror fired a .357 magnum handgun into the vehicle and stuck the victim over the right temple with the bullet exiting over the left eye. The child survived and testified in the Marianna trial.

The Jackson County jury rejected Carror's claim of self-defense and found him guilty as charged on all counts.

State Attorney Steve Meadows said, "We continue to be amazed at the toughness and courage of our victim. She was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time and did absolutely nothing to provoke the attack on her."

Circuit Court Judge William L. Wright sentenced Carror to 15 years for shooting into a vehicle and added a 25-year, minimum mandatory sentence, for attempted second-degree murder with a firearm, to be served consecutively.

The 25-year sentence was imposed according to Florida’s 10-20-life sentencing law.