Las Vegas Murder of PC Woman Gets New Chapter

A Las Vegas couple accused of killing a Panama City Beach woman in December could be facing more charges.

Las Vegas officials arrested 34-year-old Nelson Ronald Brady, Jr. this week, charging him in a murder for hire plot.

Investigators say Brady tried to hire an undercover officer to kill three people who plan to testify against 41-year-old Craig Titus and his 34-year-old wife, Kelly Ryan. Titus and Ryan are accused of murdering a 28-year-old Melissa James of Panama City Beach.

Titus is a world champion body builder. Ryan is one of the most successful female fitness athlete in America. James was their personal assistant.

Police say Titus strangled James, put her in the truck of Ryan's Jaguar, then drove it into the desert outside of Las Vegas where they set it on fire. Massachusetts authorities arrested Titus and Ryan about a week later, supposedly trying to leave the country.

Las Vegas authorities say Brady was a cellmate of Titus' earlier this year and they've had past real estate dealings. Brady supposedly gave the undercover officer $1,500 as a down payment for the murders of Anthony Gross and Megan and Jeremy Foley. Gross helped Titus and Ryan dispose of James' body in the desert.

The Foleys were at Titus and Ryan's house the night before authorities discovered James' body. They claim Titus and Ryan made a partial confession to James' murder.

Brady is charged with three counts of solicitation of murder. Investigators have yet to charge Titus or Ryan in the murder for hire plot, but even if they aren't charged, under Nevada law the plot could be used against them during their murder trial.