Veterans Debate Amendment 7

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A debate amongst some veterans continues this evening. The question is if the proposed Amendment 7 would help or hurt those veterans living in Florida.

The Florida Division of Elections summarizes the amendment on the table as giving veterans a homestead exemption to property taxes if they meet he right criteria, so what is that criteria?

Very simply, you have to be 65 or older, a Florida resident when joining the military, honorably discharged, and your disability would have to be combat related to get the discount.

But these added requirements have already sparked a nerve for many veterans, even though the election is still two weeks away.

Bob Thompson of the Bay County Veterans Council said, "Apparently it's an attempt to save money by the state of Florida by denying exemptions to people other than combat related Florida residents."

Lee Sullivan, a combat wounded veteran, said, "That doesn't take away from those that have a service connected injury, but it certainly recognizes that those men and women out there that have received the Purple Heart, have made that sacrifice."

Voters will get to make their mark on this issue in exactly two weeks on November 7.