Outsourcing Angst

One of the candidates for state attorney general is demanding an investigation into security breaches at a private company that is being paid $350 million to handle state personnel information.

State Senator Skip Campbell says he recently learned that a computer hard drive loaded with sensitive information was lost after Convergys Corporation outsourced the work and shipped the drive to India.

Campbell, who is also an Attorney General candidate met with Tallahassee reporters Thursday.

“There is a clear and present danger. I am convinced of it, that some of the documentation which was sent over to India that has provided the names and pertinent information on state employees, over 100,000, can be used for identity theft and, most critically, can be used for terrorist purposes.”

The security breach came to light thanks to the efforts of two whistleblowers who used to work at Convergys.

Campbell says that’s important because his Republican rival in the attorney general’s race, Bill McCollum, tried to gut the whistleblower Protection Act when he was serving in Congress.