Mosley HS Tries Out Same Sex Classrooms

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Education has always had its fashions and fads, from disciplining students to how they dress.

One of the newer trends is same-sex classrooms.

The Bush Administration is leaving the decision up to public schools to choose which option suits them best.

One local high school is already trying it out.

Same Sex Classrooms
It may look like your typical 10th grade English class, but there's something missing.

Since August, Mosley 10th graders have been test subjects for a same-sex classroom trial.

Five English II classes have been split: three all boy classes and two all girl classes.

So far, things have been running better than expected.

"Really, they're more focused. The nice thing is when we write, they'll share,” says Mosley 10th Grade Teacher Sharon Zehner. “In a typical classroom, where I've taught before, boys aren't going to raise their hands and say, ‘Let me read you my paragraph’!"

Zehner says the boys are less intimidated to show their creative side, while the guys say they just like the comfortable atmosphere.

"It's more of a fun learning environment [because] it's easier because you're in there with all your friends," said Chase Craig.

Meanwhile, the girls are getting more studying and less socializing, at least for one hour and 50 minutes of the day.

"I pay attention more, [because I’m not thinking about boys]!”

Does Gender Play a Role in Learning?
The trial will conclude at the end of the school year.

Mosley administrators will then decide if gender really does play a role in the learning environment.