Albritton Case Ends

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The Richard Abritton, III case came to an end Wednesday. Both sides entering into a pre-trial intervention avoiding a trial.

The terms of the PTI call for Albritton to abide by a number of conditions over the next six months. He must complete one-hundred hours of community service.

Stay away from areas known as havens for illegal drug activity. Submit to random urinalysis tests. Volunteer as the chairman for the Bay County First Saturday Legal Clinic. He also has to pay $500 to his PTI officer.

This all stems from a fender bender in downtown Panama City last October.

Albritton back his s-u-v into a parked vehicle in the 200 block of Harrison Avenue then left the scene.

A short time later Panama City police officers found Albritton passed out behind the wheel at the taco bell drive-thru window on 23rd Street.

Three Panama City Police Officers called Albritton's girlfriend from the Taco Bell parking lot and allowed her to come pick him up. The three officers were suspended for taking that action.

Albritton was charged with leaving the scene of an accident., but not DUI, because no one could actually place him behind the wheel. He was also fired from his job at the state attorney's office.

The case had to be moved from Bay to Walton County because Albritton is a private attorney and his dad is a current circuit judge.

As for the PTI agreement, Albrittons attorney says his client got a fair deal.

"A great number of eyes were on this case and everybody took and gave it a lot of detailed attention and we're pleased," Bill Price, Albritton's attorney said.

Albritton was involved in another traffic crash in January.

He told police he fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a power pole on Highway 390. Another requirement of his PTI is he must complete an Advanced Driver Improvement Course.

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