Jurors Watch Videotape of Sale of Phone Card


Prosecutors say a Florida man used a prepaid phone card to perpetrate a hoax in which a teenager working at a McDonald's in Kentucky was sexually humiliated.

Jurors in David Stewart's criminal case viewed a Wal-Mart surveillance video of the Fountain, Florida man buying that phone card.

A security worker for a Wal-Mart in Panama City, Florida, says he traced the phone card to an April 9, 2004, store video.

Stewart is charged with impersonating a police officer and soliciting sodomy.

A Florida Detective who searched Stewart's home testified that she never found the calling card, or any other evidence linking Stewart to the hoax.

One of the calls on the card was three and a half hours. That's the length of the time that a then 18-year-old female employee at the McDonald's was detained and forced to strip and perform sex acts.