44th Fighter Group Celebrates New Commander

BAY COUNTY-- Tyndall Air Force Base held a special ceremony Saturday to mark the activation of the 44th Fighter Group.

Colonel Scott Crogg took command of the group today.

The 44th Fighter Group is the final unit to arrive from Hollomon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Tyndall is now in charge of the operation. Responsibilities include providing pilots for certain missions.

Members say Tyndall is known for its pilot training, and they will now be involved with more combat missions.

In the future, the group will use aircraft known as F-22 fighters.

"I'm confident our reserve team in coordination with the active duty team," Colonel Crogg said. "You know we're one team. We're team Tyndall. We're going to take it wherever we need to take it and do a better job than anybody else could. Ever!"

During the ceremony, members presented the 44th Fighter Group flag to Colonel Crogg who said he was honored to take charge of the group.