Dozier Investigation

The Department of Juvenile Justice is investigating allegations that a 16-year-old confined at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna was the victim of repeated sexual assaults by a female teacher’s aide.

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Chief of Staff, Cynthia Lorenzo confirms the investigation is underway, but that is about all she can say at this time. “In this particular case, I can’t comment because it’s under investigation,” she says. “But I can say that we did receive some allegations of improper conduct at the Dozier School for Boys and we immediately sent out a team of investigators and have an open investigation into the incidents surrounding that; and if the mother has some concerns, than certainly we’ll work with her to see what’s in the best interest of her son.”

The boy’s mother is trying to get him out of Dozier, a maximum security jail in Jackson County. She wants him released for outpatient treatment or transferred to a different facility.

However, Lorenzo says their policy is that no one gets released until court-ordered treatment has been completed.

The teacher’s aide is no longer employed at Dozier, but so far she is not facing any criminal charges and her alleged victim is still confined.