McCollum Visits Panama City

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The campaign trail continues to run through Panama City.

Friday Republican Attorney General candidate Bill McCollum talked to supporters at the Panama City International Airport.

Friday's rainy weather didn't dampen the political spirit.

The dark and gloomy skies couldn't stop all the handshaking and campaigning.

Republican Bill McCollum holds a slim three point lead in the race for Florida’s Attorney General against Democrat Walter "Skip" Campbell.

"I expected it would probably be all along. We've been up most of the time by five or six points, but we've never had a run-away race."

Close race or not, McCollum is confident Bay County will help him win the votes, allowing him to keep Florida safe.

"I have a lot of in-depth knowledge of the world in this day of terrorism and in this day where safety is a very important feature."

McCollum's knowledge of safety is why former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is backing his campaign.

Ashcroft says McCollum is an expert on the war on terror and he was supposed to be by McCollum's side.

Unfortunately, the bad weather did hold up John Ashcroft. He's stuck in Dothan, AL and unable to fly into Panama City.

When tackling the issues, McCollum says his number one concern is making sure Florida gets the toughest enforcement in the nation for sexual predators and Internet pedophiles.

He also wants to protect seniors from fraud and abuse. And he wants to protect Florida’s ports from terror threats.

"We don't today adequately check for nuclear, chemical, or biological material that might be in those containers when they come here."

McCollum wants to use technology to check containers without opening them.

You'll be hearing a lot from McCollum campaign in the next next days. He's just launched political mailings and TV commercials.