Clarification on Jacket, Hoods Dress Code

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The first year of the school uniform policy in Bay County hasn't been without its problems.

The first cold-snap of the fall this week exposed a few contradictions.

However, on Friday district officials made some clarifications.

That clear-cut answer is that students can wear any type of jacket, regardless of color, length, or hood.

The catch is, they can't wear the jacket inside.

The dress code explicitly states, "There are no restrictions for cold or rainy weather, however they are not to be worn in classrooms."

Students must be careful to not wear sweaters or sweatshirts with hoods. Those items are not allowed, according to the dress code policy.

However, jackets or coats, that's a different story.

Bay County Superintendent James McAlister says, "There are no restrictions on what a student can wear in terms of a jacket; how long, short, hoods, that is irrelevant when it comes to coats and jackets."

McAlister says if circumstances arise, like a heater going out, then of course, they'll make some exceptions.