Tornado Damages Apalachicola

Apalachicola was without power Saturday after a tornado tore through the area, causing damage to structures and leaving at least two people with minor injuries.

The tornado, confirmed by eyewitness reports, struck Apalachicola on Friday afternoon and caused damage to a hospital, a fast food restaurant, a school and few homes, said Butch Baker, Franklin County’s emergency management director.

Two people went to a hospital with minor injuries, Baker said.

The storm knocked out power to the town of about 2,500 people, and Baker said residents could be without electricity into Sunday.

“The best case scenario would be midnight, and that may not be all over the entire town,” Baker said Saturday.

Red Cross workers were on the scene. Baker said no shelters were immediately opened and that residents could still get services by driving to nearby towns.

“We have the availability of food and water and restaurants within a 10 minute drive,” Baker said.

The tornado hit a power substation and caused roof damage to Chapman Elementary School and a Burger King. The storm also overturned several boats in a marina.

Apalachicola is about 65 miles east of Panama City