Fourth Arrest in Home Invasion Murder Case

Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Division of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a fourth suspect in the Shadow Bay home invasion robbery and homicide case.

Shameka Scriven, 32, of Tallahassee, was arrested Wednesday in Leon County and charged with Accessory After the Fact Homicide, and Perjury.

Investigators believe Scriven is a girlfriend of Broxton, the half brother of victim James Edwards, Jr.

They also believe she knew about the homicide when she allowed the three suspects, Jay S. Broxton, Ahmad Smith, and Eric Harden, to leave the car they used the night of the homicide at her residence on Tallahassee and take her vehicle to return to Jacksonville after the murder.

Investigators believe Scriven made numerous false statements to them as they conducted the investigation and took depositions.

Scriven is currently being held in the Leon County Jail and will soon be transported to Bay County.