Ways to Combat a Bully

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Growing up is hard to do. There's always someone bigger, faster, smarter, and stronger, but it's up to each individual how to handle the situation if and when someone crosses the line.

Counselor Chris Pope teaches classroom guidance at Lynn Haven Elementary. That's where the seven-year-old girl brought a knife to school to ward off a bully. He says talking to an adult is the first step in this kind of situation.

Chris Pope said, "Little problems, they can take care of themselves, normal peer conflict, but they always come to an adult when it's a bullying situation. It's not tattling, it's solving the problem."

Here are some other ways to handle a bullying situation: believe your child or student if they come to you with a problem, don't dismiss the problem.

Watch out for these personality traits: being quiet, timid, and having no friends. Children who look and act differently are more prone to bullies.

Set an example for your child. If a parent frequently yells or hits a child, the child is more likely to bully at school.

And make sure to report an incident to a principal, teacher, or any school administrator. Never let a child handle a bullying situation on their own.

The Lynn Haven Police Department is investigating the knife incident. They say the girl is facing charges for taking a weapon on school grounds.

Chief David Messer of the Lynn Haven Police Department said, "A seven-year-old, it shouldn't cross their mind to want to kill somebody with a knife, and if she was being bullied, she should've gone through her teachers, counselors, parents, grandparents, and told somebody and have them try to take care of it rather than trying to stab the kid."

This incident caught authorities off guard. The supposed bully is in a leadership program where he mentors younger students. They say he's had no behavioral problems in the past.