Beach Restoration

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Destin and Walton County tourism leaders are continuing to work together to finally fishes seven miles of beach restoration.

A beach restoration project began last February to repair critically eroded beaches in west Walton County and east Destin, but the work stopped after workers accidentally killed sea turtles.

About a mile and a half of Walton County beach and two miles of east Destin beach are still waiting for restoration.

Walton County officials want to start work back up in December, but in Destin officials are considering waiting for the judgment in a court case.

The case before the state Supreme Court will decide whether or not adding sand to private property is legal.

Walton County tourism leaders had considered going ahead on their side of the project without Destin, but after a Wednesday afternoon meeting between Walton and Destin officials it looks like the two areas will remain linked.

Tourism Council leaders say they will know more about the future of the project after Monday's Destin City Council meeting.