Governor in Sandestin

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With only two months left in office, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is beginning to consider his legacy.

Friday he talked about some of the things his administration has been able to accomplish during his two terms in office.

He was speaker at the 10th anniversary celebration of Enterprise Florida in Sandestin. Enterprise Florida is the state's lead economic development organization.

Florida ranks among the top states in the nation for job growth, but Gov. Bush urged his audience to continue diversifying Florida's economy beyond just tourism, and to increase the number of high paying jobs.

Bush then turned to one of his favorite topics, saying he would like to be remembered for improving education.

He claims Florida's public schools have gone from the bottom to the middle when ranked against other states, and he hopes they continue to improve.

There is one area the governor wishes he'd had more time to improve, hurricane preparedness.

Jeb Bush must leave office because of term limits. Florida voters will go to the polls next Tuesday to elect his replacement, either Republican Charlie Crist or Democrat Jim Davis.