Gay Rights Activist Blasts Crist

Less than a week before Election Day, a gay rights activist is demanding Charlie Crist answer questions about his sexuality.

Kyle DeVries hand-delivered a letter to the state Republican Party headquarters Friday.

DeVries says a videotaped deposition obtained by a gay newspaper reveals the Republican candidate for governor’s former relationship with a man named Bruce Jordan.

DeVries, who used to work for the state Democratic Party and is a member of Proud of Who We Are, says the issue isn’t whether Crist is gay, but whether he is lying about it.

Kyle DeVries met with Capitol reporters in Tallahassee Friday. "Honesty is important. Charlie Crist has come out twice now and said he never had sex with another man and that he’s not gay. If what is in this video deposition is true, he’s lying to Floridians. And if Charlie Crist is lying to Florida about this, what else is he lying about?”

Reporter: “Do you still work for the Democratic Party?

DeVries: “No, I do not.”

Crist has denied he’s gay and his campaign refused to comment on the latest allegations.

The state Democratic Party and Democratic candidate for governor Jim Davis issued a joint statement condemning the stunt. They say the campaign should be about lowering property taxes and insurance rates, not rumors and allegations.

The woman in the videotape, Dee Dee Hall, claims Bruce Jordan told her he and Crist were involved when Jordan worked with Katherine Harris’s campaign.

Jordan is a convicted felon who served time for fraud and is now on probation and living in Bushnell. There has been no independent confirmation of Hall’s videotaped allegations.