Flu Shots Available

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The Bay County Health Department is about ready to launch an all out assault against the flu.

Health department officials have received another shipment of flu vaccine. They've been stockpiling their supply for several weeks and are now ready to begin immunizations.

They have enough vaccine to treat about 900 people. That will last about a week.

After several flu shot shortages, only high-risk groups were able to get a shot, but this year our area should have enough.

"This year because we'll have an adequate supply, we'll give a flu shot to anybody who comes, but the normal high risk groups are those over 50, those with compromised immune systems, children, or people with chronic lung problems."

Flu shots will be given next week between 8 to 11 and 1 to Monday through Friday. But you must have an appointment.

You can call the health department tomorrow to make an appointment. The number is 872-4455. Adult flu shots cost $25. Shots are free for anyone under the age of 18.