Destin City Manager Trouble

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Destin's city council meeting on Monday ended with the near dismissal of City Manager Greg Kisela, and arguments between the city manager and some city councilors aren't over yet.

Monday's arguments began because some city councilors believe Kisela violated a Destin city ordinance. He sold 14 Destin Memorial Cemetery plots to local businessmen Rick Olsen.

A city ordinance says the purchase of plots is limited to six per immediate family because of limited space. Anyone wishing to buy more has to go through the city council.

Kisela says Olsen told him only six of the plots were for Olsen's immediate family and the other eight were for friends and co-workers, so Kisela says he thought the ordinance didn't apply.

Olsen is Kisela's wife's boss. Councilmen Dewey Destin made a motion to fire Kisela, but the motion was later withdrawn.

The issue is likely to come up again at the next city council meeting. Kisela says charges of misconduct against himself, as well as several council members, still need to be resolved.