Computer Problems Delay Voting Results in Washington County

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Washington County voters had to wait until early Wednesday morning to get final results of their county elections.

Computer problems caused worker to recount all of the votes less than half an hour after the elections office began processing results an error message appeared on the computer suggesting that votes might not be properly calculated.

Supervisor of Elections Carol Griffin called in a software technician to try to fix the problem.

Almost three hours later there were no solutions and no results.

"That's when we made the call and said stop here. We've got to get these results in," said Griffin.

Staff members pulled tapes from each and every precinct, reading results and typing them into the computer.

"Four of us sat at the terminal, one person entering, one person calling the numbers out, and the other two making sure that the numbers were being entered properly."

After workers double checked every entry, unofficial final results came in around 1:30 Wednesday morning.

"I'm confident that what we did was the right thing to do. It's my job to protect the integrity of the process and I wanted to do whatever I could to assure the voters of Washington County that their votes counted."

Griffin says they're recreating Tuesday night's scenario to pinpoint the exact problem to hopefully keep it from happening in the next election.

Unofficial results are due to the division of elections by noon Sunday.

Official results are due by November 18 at 5 p.m.