Sullivan's Future

As Jimmy Patronis has made his way to the Florida House of Representatives, his former opponent, Lee Sullivan, wants out of the politics for awhile.

Sullivan resigned as Panama City Beach mayor to run against Patronis to replace Allan Bense in the state House, but he lost in the primaries. But in order to run, Sullivan had to resign as beach mayor.

The option has come up for him to possibly take up the reigns as mayor, but he has declined.

Gayle Oberst, who has been acting mayor since Sullivan's resignation, is expected to be appointed by the beach city council to be the new mayor to fill out Sullivan's term.

Sullivan says he has plenty of things to take up his time and stay active in this community, like working as president of Bay TaxWatch.

"If we can gather people around this community who are concerned about their taxes, and we can get them unified and focused, I think we can do some good stuff."

Sullivan spent 20 years as the police chief in Panama City Beach and the next six years after that as the city’s mayor.