Panama City Residents Sound Off About Electric Bill Hike

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If you thought having a home in Panama City couldn't get any more expensive, think again.

Gulf Power announced on Wednesday, it will raise its price 10 percent come January 1st.

Gulf Power says they had to make the change because of rising fuel prices across the nation.

So what do you think about the increase? We sent our cameras out on Panama City Beach Wednesday evening, to find out.

Here’s what you had to say:

Panama City Beach Resident Joe Bezdek said, "I'm a homeowner. I have a pool, a lot of fans in the house, the air conditioner, and two $300 bills a month, so that's a lot."

"Ten dollars? People in poor countries in Russia eat on that in the whole month, so what is that," said Panama City Area Resident Nicola Drakek.

Len Sellers, who is a 15 year Panama City resident, said Wednesday, "Everything's going up, and Florida claims it's a retirement community. But they’re not doing anything for the retirees to stay here."

Panama City Area Resident Gene Ayers said, "I'm hanging nails for a living. I'm tearing my hands up, but I'm making a living. I'm trying to do the right thing. For a long time, I did the wrong thing, and now, they're trying to step on me."

"Where we used to live compared to here, our bill is a lot smaller. [So, we are] very happy," said Panama City Area Resident Vicki Delgado.

Gulf Power estimates a customer paying $92 dollars a month will have to pay about $101 dollars in January.