Niceville School IDs

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Niceville High School is one of the first in the area to require students to wear a picture ID at all times.

But that may not last. Administrators say other areas schools have already called to see how the program is working.

Every student must wear the picture ID badge, visible between their neck and torso, at all times when they are in school.

Niceville made the new requirement last month. Nationwide incidents of strangers sneaking on campus and causing violence led to the badges.

Administrators say the badges let them know who belongs on campus and alerts them to the presence of anyone who doesn't.

Students that forgot their IDs receive after school detention.

School staff says in the first week IDs were required, they averaged about 90 kids in detention everyday.

A lot of students complain about the IDs, but some say they really work.

Students who lose their IDs can purchase a new one for five dollars.

Administrators say students are slowly getting better about remembering their IDs.