5-year-old Girl Saves Drowning Baby

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Riley Braden, a kindergartner at Destin Elementary School, was swimming at Summerplace Inn pool on May 16th when she noticed an 18-month-old little girl sinking to the bottom of the pool.
The baby had slipped out of the inner tube she had been sitting in near the pool's steps.
Before anyone had the chance to notice, Riley dove under water to save the drowning baby.
"I pushed off the pool wall with my feet really fast and dove down and got her,” says Riley Braden.
Riley has been taking swim lessons since she was two years old.
Her swim coach, Mary Weeks, says Riley is a strong swimmer and an outgoing child.
“When I saw it, my skin had goose bumps on it. I was so, so proud of her but wouldn't expect anything less since she is such a really strong swimmer," says Weeks.
Everyone at Destin Elementary School, including her fellow classmates, has praised Riley for her bravery.
Riley says she's proud of herself too.
"Yes. I saved a life!"
Thanks to Riley's quick response, the baby was not hurt.

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