Schemes Land Suspect in Jail

A local man, Jerry Weldon Register, has been arrested after investigators with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office discovered he allegedly purchased items by check on accounts that had already been closed.

Investigators believe that Register originally had an account in his name at a local bank, but closed it prior to making several large item purchases. Register wrote numerous fraudulent checks on that account including one to purchase a boat for approximately $17,000.00 in July, and another for a jet ski for approximately $6,500.00 on the same day.

The suspect then opened another account at a local credit union which was subsequently closed due to the fact Register wrote many checks with insufficient funds in the account. After the account was closed, he wrote a check to a local jewelry store for over $5,000.00 to purchase a diamond ring and another for about $12,000.00 to a business in Bonifay for another boat.

Register, 33 years old, of 3792 Almtia Drive, Panama City, was arrested and charged with three counts of Grand Theft and Scheme to Defraud.

Investigators believe there may be other outstanding checks written by Register on these closed accounts.

If anyone has any information about Register, they are urged to call the Criminal Investigations Division at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 747-4700, extension 2600.