St. Joe Burglaries Solved

A Bay County man was arrested this weekend, this time for burglary in Gulf County.

Police say 46-year-old Christopher L. Hicks, who goes by the street name “Black Jesus,” has allegedly been involved in numerous burglaries in the Port St. Joe area.

Saturday Hicks was arrested by the Port St. Joe Police Department on eight counts of burglary of a structure, seven counts of criminal mischief, four counts of theft, and two counts of grand theft one count of grand theft of a firearm.

Information received during this operation indicated Hicks was allegedly preparing to burglarize the Port St. Joe High School the night of his arrest.

The Port St. Joe Police Department has contacted Bay County and it appears Hick's arrest and information developed by officers will help in solving numerous burglaries and other criminal cases in Bay County as well.