Some Panama City Beach Residents Face a Disgusting Situation

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Some of the people living in the Open Sands section of Panama City Beach are dealing with a disgusting situation, a house in their neighborhood that's filled with human feces and urine.

"We just want this house cleaned up," said Danny Shirley who lives across the street.

The nose-sore comes from a house at 172 Oleander. Neighbors say a woman and her son, who has ms, lived there for months. And when they moved out, neighbors started to smell human waste.

"They had a disabled kid that lived there. When his mother left, he couldn't go to the bathroom by himself, so he used the bathroom in Pepsi bottles," said Shirley.

Neighbors say this smelly situation is downright dangerous for them and their kids.

"We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood that are in and out of the house, and I'm constantly trying to get them out of the house," said Shirley.

We spoke to code enforcement. They would not go on camera, but they told us they didn't know about the problems with the property until we told them about it. They say they'll be issuing violations, and as for the owner, he says fixing this foul situation is a top priority.

"Well, you can see the bathroom. I don't know how someone lived in that," said homeowner Ronny Golden.

Ronny says he opened the doors and windows to get rid of the odor in this house.

"I know it's disgusting to the neighbors. I felt sorry for them and I, you know, felt sorry for the people that lived here," said Golden.

He says he's tried his best. But the best solution is to knock the house down and start all over again. He says he plans to do that in about a week.

Neither the neighbors, nor the landlords had any information about the former tenants or their condition.