Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Meals

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Most of you have probably had your Thanksgiving dinner by now. Hopefully you shared it with family or good friends.

Not everyone has that opportunity today, but the Panama City Rescue Mission helped fill the void for hundreds of people.

It's basically a given that most people will have turkey and dressing for a Thanksgiving meal. The Panama City Rescue Mission believes people who are homeless or have fallen on tough times shouldn't miss out on a hot meal and the time to give thanks, and the people enjoying the generosity are definitely thankful.

Amanda Williams with the Rescue Mission Diner said, "It's better than being out there with nothing to eat."

There was plenty of food for folks to eat. The Rescue Mission prepared meals for more than 400 people.

Billy Fox, Rescue Mission Director, said, "We've been working on it all week. We've had to cook more than 50 turkeys, so you can imagine how long that would take."

Volunteers also came out in droves, ready to help others and feel the warmth of giving.

Kathy, a Rescue Mission volunteer, said, "It's just that togetherness and giving to the community and people that have donated. It's amazing to me and there's so much holiday spirit."

Amanda Williams added, "I've got my best friends next to me, Chris and Pam, and that's basically all you need is friends and love."

The mission will continue to serve food throughout the weekend. If you'd like to volunteer, drop by at 11:30 in the morning or 4:30 in the afternoon.