Walton County Arson

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Walton County sheriff's deputies are investigating three suspected arsons on the same street in six weeks.

The latest fire happened around six this morning on Sexton Road just north of Mossy Head.

The Spiers family was two weeks from moving into the new house built in between Ms. Spiers’ parents and sister's homes, but four weeks ago Tonya Spiers’ parents' barn burned down.

And two weeks ago her parents' car was set on fire and spread to their house. Both James and Helen Sexton were home, but escaped.

Investigators suspect all the fires were arson. The family believes the arsonist is someone who knows Spiers' mother, but the Spiers say investigators haven't arrested any suspects and the family fears Spiers' sister's home is next.

The arsonists also wrote graffiti on a dumpster outside Spiers’ home.