Black Friday Is Here

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Retailers nationwide rang in the start of the holiday season Friday with extended hours, and big sales.

Others sang in the start of the holiday season.

The National Retail Federation estimates 137-million shoppers will take advantage of holiday sales through the weekend, and Bay County businesses are getting a piece of that action.

Early Friday morning, dedicated bargain hunters stood in line, braving the cold, and the crowds, waiting for stores to open up, some as early as 5AM.

"It's cold, where is the coffee?"

"I'm standing in line because I have a great boyfriend who is buying me a 32-inch TV for Christmas, and I can't leave him alone."

While some shoppers knew exactly what they were looking for.

"A portable DVD players for $50-dollars, and TV’s that were a great price."

“I got a DVD player at Target, toys for my grandchildren and tools at Ace Hardware."

"Sales are wonderful, absolutely great. I got everything I needed on my list. I’m close to being done."

Others were just happy to get a good deal.

"I figured I saved about $20-25-dollars."

"Baby stuff for my 2 and 6-year-old, mother stuff, just a bung of lithe stuff for cheep."

Surprisingly, shoppers seemed to take the Black Friday crowds and lines in stride.

"It was fine, not too bad."

"It wasn't bad, but we didn't start until about 11:00."

Once they bought all those Christmas presents, some went looking for something to put them "under".

"Families get together for Thanksgiving, and the next day they get together and put up a tree."

If you didn't get out today, don't worry, you still have 30-more shopping days until Christmas.