Celebrating 80 by Jumping Out of a Plane

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An 80-year-old Southport woman is celebrating her belated birthday in a very unique way.

Believe it or not, she and nine of her family members took to the skies, celebrating her big 80 by jumping out of an airplane.

You may think she’s out of her mind, but 80-year-old Maxine Lewis says this is just one of the many things she wants to do in her lifetime.

Early Saturday morning, Lewis, and 21 relatives caravanned from her home in Southport to the "School of Human Flight" in Quincy.

That's where she and nine people in her family went skydiving.

Maxine says she's never been a risk taker. In fact, she's lived a sheltered life, and that's why she wanted to "live a little" for this special birthday.

Though she seemed a little skeptical, there wasn't a doubt in her mind she would make this jump.

Maxine Lewis said, “My heart is beating. I can't say I'm afraid, apprehensive maybe, not afraid."