Beach Officials See Pay Raise

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Beach council members reviewed the results of a pay rate study today and approved a pay increase for several city employees.

The fire and police departments often operate with less than a full staff, and officials say it's hard to compete to keep good employees because neighboring cities offer more money.

Funding is a concern, but council members agreed to take the first step, and grant a $130,000 pay increase citywide. That will boost entry level police officers, a minimum of $14.04 per, up from the current $12.10 an hour.

Firefighters will be bumped from an $8.20 per hour minimum to $9.05 per hour city officials say the decision is a step in the right direction.

The change means raises for 62 employees. Twenty three are police officers, eight are firefighters and 20 are in utilities or public works. The rate change will go into effect at the next pay period.